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The name Rose is a guarantee for superior table chicken

When we look into the refrigerated and frozen display counter, there are many chicken products to choose from – fresh, frozen, marinated, whole chickens, half chickens, carved and specially spiced chickens, etc. Some are Danish. Some are French. Some are German, Turkish, Polish or Greek. And the prices also vary somewhat. Of course, at Rose Poultry we say: Choose ours – but why should you?

Because Rose Poultry stands for safety on all areas. We are flavour and quality-conscious right to our fingertips so the chickens are meaty and succulent regardless of which product you choose. And then we’re Danish, which means that as a consumer you know what we stand for. Danish food producers are subject to some reasonably strict environmental and safety requirements – which we have raised a tad more at Rose so we do more than we need to.

Rose chickens are produced under safe production conditions
Rose has strict hygiene routines in order to minimise the risk of bacteria
Rose can document all processes from the egg to the finished product
Rose has a close cooperation with its suppliers
Rose follows the growth and conditions of the chickens very closely
Rose has a good working environment with great respect for each individual employee.


Rose has such a broad range of chicken products that you can serve chicken every single day of the month without ever serving the same dish two days in a row.