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Danish production of table chickens

Until 1930 there was basically no poultry production in Denmark. This was limited to a small fattening of geese that were slaughtered in October so they would be ready for Christmas feasts. There were no chickens and the hens were in such poor feeding condition and therefore did not have much flesh. In the 1930s chickens began to become more popular but mostly with small farming and mainly amongst women. Men did not consider the farming of poultry as either important or dignified.
Only from 1950 and then on can actual Danish production of table chickens be talked about. Subsequently, things sped up and today chickens have completely taken over the dominance on the Danish poultry market. In the meantime, the geese have basically disappeared whilst this has left a small niche for ducks and turkeys. Slightly more than 100 million chickens are slaughtered per year.