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Halal slaughtering

At Rose Poultry we slaughter all poultry Halal. The reason for this is the many decades of export success to Muslim countries where Halal slaughter is demanded. And since at the time of slaughter we don’t know which market the chickens are to be sold to, it is most practical to Halal slaughter the entire production. It does not cost the consumer more or less by doing it this way. And purely in terms of slaughtering, there is no difference either because it is only the way in which the slaughtering is monitored that is special about Halal.

According to the law, the slaughtering must be observed by an abattoir employee in order to ensure that the animals do not suffer harm. At the Danish abattoirs, these employees are Muslims. When you begin to slaughter and every time there is a break in the slaughtering, the Muslim employees say a prayer for himself, which when translated goes like this: ”In God’s name. Allah is the greatest.”

In reality, the prayer is the only thing that separates this method from ordinary slaughtering. This takes place according to our own legislation by hanging the poultry up after which the head is put through a current-carrying bath, which renders the chickens unconscious. Afterwards, both neck arteries are cut – either manually or with a rotating knife. Thus, they die quickly and without pain. They are unconscious.
The extra cost for export certificates to the Muslim countries is paid for by the importers.