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Because Rose Poultry stands for safety on all areas. We are flavour and quality-conscious right to our fingertips so the chickens are meaty and succulent regardless of which product you choose. Danish food producers are subject to some reasonably strict environmental and safety requirements – which we have raised a tad more at Rose so we do more than we need to.

We can also document everything we do and we can document each and every step in the past history of our chickens. Not just back to their own egg stage, but to their grandparents’ egg stage. Finally, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration always gives Rose Poultry top grades in their regular random tests, which is a safety factor in itself.

Rose wants to assure the consumers of healthy and safe foods. Therefore, Rose works according to the KIK system (Kvalitetssikring I Kyllingproduktion - Quality Assurance in Chicken Production), which is built on the “from farm to fork” concept. The industry has developed a complete quality and documentation system for all links in the production chain for table chickens.  The system is based on the HACCP principles and by using attitude adaptation, forming of networks, education, documentation and various control measures, food safety, animal health and animal welfare are ensured and documented.

The figure above shows the entire production chain from farm to table and also shows who reports to KIK. The registrations in KIK occur chronologically so the hatchery registers the day-old chicks. The producer then registers how the chicks have fared whilst they were in the chicken house and so on. When the abattoir has registered their information, then the producer concludes a rotation.

The KIK database contains all the information about chicken production in Denmark.