ROSE's history

...goes back many years.


ROSE was founded in 1952 by Marie Pedersen, also known as "Hønse Marie", and exactly as back then, Danish ROSE Chicken is slaughtered in Vinderup in West Jutland.

Marie's motto was: "Quality, quality, quality". It was the most important then, and is also the most important today. That's why Danish ROSE Chicken is still bred exactly as Marie would have done it. 



Marie Pedersen also known as "Hønse-Marie" established Vinderup Poultry in 1952


The Løth family started in 1956 Skovsgaard Poultry.


In 1999 the two, Vinderup and Skovsgaard Poultry, joint forces into one company named Rose Poultry.


Rose Poultry buys Padborg Poultry, whereby ROSE got even more under her wings.


On November 29, 2010, Rose Poultry was acquired by HKScan Group for DKK 530 million. HKScan is headquartered in Finland.


On April 18, 2011, Padborg poultry closed due to a lack of chickens.


On June 6, 2012 a big fire erupted in our Vinderup department. It was estimated that the fire destryed for  600 million. The fire in June cost nearly 400 employees their job, but most came back after the reconstruction.

One year later, the situation is positively differently. Most of the production has been rebuilt and the number of employees has grown to almost 500.


In 2019 we introduced "Ærlig kylling". 100% chicken and 0% secrets completely in the spirit of Marie. The chicken is not treated with antibiotics, the meat is not added water, and then it's packed in trays of recycled plastic.