Our chicken

We believe that chicken meat must be juicy and tasteful. And that the chicken should have lived a decent life. You can with good conscience enjoy ROSE chicken, as we meet these parameters.

ROSE Poultry have many advantages

  • is Danish chicken
  • is hatched, raised and slaughtered in Denmark
  • walks freely in a warm and dry barn
  • eat and drink when they want
  • gets a good, long night's sleep
  • is halal approved
  • is salmonella free

We place great emphasis on animal welfare

When speaking of animal welfare we focus on avoiding unnecessary suffering. It is about catching, transporting and slaughtering chickens in an as painless and quick way as possible. 

Our products

Today we produces, sells and markets refrigerated, frozen and processed chicken within the strong brand ROSE.

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Our farmers

We have selected the best Danish chicken farmers as suppliers. At these farms we know that the chickens grow up under orderly conditions, where consideration is given to well-being and health.

Kristian vores landmand