We offer a wide selection of fresh chicken products - both refrigerated and frozen. What all our products have in common is that they are Danish-produced chicken, where animal welfare, the environment and food safety are top priorities. To meet customers' needs, we have a broad product range with a focus on the right taste, consistency and package size. We offer all kinds of cuts and are happy to meet individual requirements and wishes.

Udskaering Hel Kylling 1800x1800.jpgWhole chicken
Our whole chicken is offered in several sizes and can be used in many contexts.

Udskaering Brystfilet uden skind 1800x1800.jpg
Our chicken breast fillet, like all our products, is 100% Danish and thus your guarantee of great quality.

Udskaering Inderfilet 1800x1800.jpg
We offer 100% Danish sirloins, which are a low-fat, protein-rich and tender cut.

With their crispy skin and juicy inside, chicken drumsticks are a bit of a classic.

Minced chicken
Our Danish minced chicken is an excellent choice in all situations where minced meat is used.

Chicken thighs
With our Danish upper thigh, you can get a crisp and juicy taste experience.

Our Danish and high-quality chicken wings are available in several flavors.

Whole thigh
With our Danish chicken thighs, you can serve tasty thighs with crispy and crunchy skin.

We also offer offal such as livers and hearts from our Danish chickens.

Chicken feet are a delicacy, which we of course also offer to our customers.

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Enjoy our products with a clear conscience

All our products can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. The products are 100% Danish throughout the entire production chain, and we work every day to ensure the best quality, animal welfare and food safety. This is what our BRC certificate and halal certificates, among other things, know about.

Since 1952, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge about the industry. In addition, Danish chicken currently has the special status of salmonella-free.

In addition, we have one of the food industry's most ambitious climate goals. We aim for climate neutrality in the entire value chain by 2040.

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