In addition to our fresh products, we also produce a wide portfolio of fried products. These ensure increased convenience – without compromising on taste and quality. Our fried products are available both refrigerated and frozen. The chilled ones can be eaten cold or warmed as needed, while the frozen ones only require a quick heating. Both provide a tender and tasty experience, as the chicken maintains a good structure and remains juicy during heating.

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Our products can be enjoyed with a clear conscience

Our products can always be enjoyed with a clear conscience, as they are 100% Danish throughout the entire production chain. Every day we work intensively to deliver the best quality, animal welfare and food safety. Proof of this is, among other things, our halal certificates and BRC certificate. In addition, Danish chicken also has the advantage of having the special status of salmonella-free.

For more than 70 years, we have delivered Danish, local quality with consideration for animals and the environment. We make an effort to turn passion and professionalism into healthy and tasty products.

In addition, we have one of the food industry's most ambitious climate goals.

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